Castings / Slévárna

Knight belt / Rytířský pás - Neuchatel

We also offer a cheaper version of plaque belts with  gaps between plaques as can be seen on...

Vaše cena: 2 000,00 Kč

Knight belt / Rytířský pás

In cooperation with a friendly foundry we offer production of casted brass late 14th century...

Vaše cena: 3 500,00 Kč

Belt mounts / Rozetky

We offer production of hand casted pewter belt mounts. Complete belts are also available to...

Vaše cena: 20,00 Kč

Seal Matrixes / Pečetidla

We offer hand crafted seal matrixes of your own design. Our standard type is a pewter seal...

Vaše cena: 1 000,00 Kč

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